San Juan Islands, WA State, USA

Captain Barry and First Mate Anne provided a chance of a lifetime for me that I will never forget. A check off the bucket list for me!

They are such responsible, fun hosts, an absolute delight to be with. I think I could have asked Captain Barry a thousand questions; he is so interesting. By the way, Anne, he is nice to look at, great choice. You both are so respectful of each other.

The trip was beautiful. Even though I live in Washington I had never been there… I will never forget this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Andrea Heuer – Longview, Washington


Phuket, Thailand

Captain Barry and First Mate Anne were awesome guides on our trip around Phuket, Thailand, and the surrounding islands. Every evening we fell asleep to spectacular views and when we woke up it was even more beautiful. They seemed to order us the most perfect weather for the most fantastic trip. Thank you, Anne and Barry, we can’t wait for our next adventure with you!

Jody and Jim Luntsford – Charleston, South Carolina


Turkey: Istanbul, Fethiye & Göcek

I have traveled all over the world, as my family and I have been in the travel business for many years. This yacht trip was one of my favorites, I loved how they have boat grocery stores that come right to you! Also loved the great photos Captain Barry took & the movie now on your Datum Charters YouTube channel! Thank You again Anne & Barry for all the work you did putting this all together, it was amazing!

Mary Hammerle – Scottsdale, Arizona


Italy: Naples & Amalfi Coast

We had 6 nights aboard our beautiful yacht, the Leucosia, as we cruised the Mediterranean from port to port. Me & Darrel's first trip to Europe together and certainly our first time on a yacht in the Mediterranean! Not being a water lover and worrying about motion sickness, I had some anxieties about spending time on the open water, so my first day was full of apprehension. I had the behind the ear patch as a precaution and was relieved to find the lower deck was stable - very little motion. After that first day, I relaxed and enjoyed the view. The first day I witnessed Barry's capable hands as our captain, and his serious demeanor while cruising continued throughout our trip. Barry is steady and reliable – taking his responsibilities very seriously. I appreciated his attentiveness to all that is involved in being the person in charge of our safe trip. Barry and Anne also helped us with the language barrier. With their extensive traveling experience, they guided us throughout the week to see as much as possible in this amazing part of the world.

Diane & Darrel Steege – Waverly, Iowa


Spanish Riviera & Morocco

Captain Barry and First Mate Anne provided a great, one-week, boating trip out of Gibraltar, cruising Spain’s Costa Del Sol. The weather was great and the waters calm. With stops at Malaga and Marbella, they knew the locales well. The sightseeing in these Old Towns was good and restaurant selections were excellent.
They were flexible with the week’s itinerary, so we were able to include a two-day trip to see Chefchaouen, Morocco’s Blue City, and Tangier.
We’re sailors, so doing a motor yacht trip was a new experience. Personally, I enjoyed helping to crew the boat and to learn some new techniques I wouldn’t normally do on a sailboat.
They’re a fun couple to spend time with and are very conscientious regarding guest comfort and safety. We are already planning another European trip with Anne and Barry for next year.

John Rorquist & Sharon Wood – Phoenix, Arizona


Seven days cruising the Costa Del Sol in Spain on the Mediterranean was the ultimate trip for my wife and myself. Never realized how beautiful Spain is and the trip went way beyond our expectations. Our yacht, the 47’ Durban Lady docked in Gibraltar was the perfect size for the 6 of us.
Captain Barry was professional and very accommodating to our needs. First Mate Anne was the consummate host and made every day at sea fun and entertaining. Captain Barry even guided us on a side trip to Morocco on a day the water was too rough for yachting. We were mesmerized at how lush and beautiful Morocco is.
Our trip had an adventurous and busy itinerary, but one we would do again in a heartbeat. We definitely recommend Datum Charters to anyone considering a yachting vacation.

Roy and Micki Mosel - Phoenix, Arizona


Costa Del Sol

We come to the South of Spain & Marbella from England from time to time; this was our first time taking a yacht charter. We had an impromptu tour around the harbor of Marbella.
Captain Barry was flexible and accommodating, he took us on a lovely tour, and we had an excellent time. We felt very safe in his capable hands; his first mate Anne was a great hostess! She took photos and entertained us at the spacious bow.

Jo & Danniella Crichton – London, England


Greek Islands

I was happy but apprehensive as I’ve had severe motion sickness on a cruise in the past, but having put on an ear patch I was amazed that even at night with the boat gently rocking It was absolutely perfect and I didn’t feel like I was on a boat.
Captain Barry knew the islands and waters so well, he was able to maneuver us into many different ports and types of docking for swimming, dinners, and tours comfortably and safely. He took us to so many amazing places in and around Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos, it seemed that each place we went was more beautiful than the next. Of course, First mate Anne was always making sure we were comfortable and having a great time while taking care of all other details on the yacht.
Everything about this trip exceeded my expectations completely! I look forward to doing this again!

Kimberly Beaver - Fergus Falls, Minnesota


Captain Barry and First Mate Anne were the perfect guides on our trip to Greece. We had been looking forward to this trip for a long time. We were very happy with the diversity between Tourist Sights and hanging where the locals go, while enjoying a variety of different foods and drink. Thank you both for a dream vacation.

John and Helen Alexander - Vancouver, Washington


Catalina & Redondo Beach, California

We were so excited to plan our 3-day Yacht trip to Catalina and Redondo Beach with Anne & Barry. For the past few months, we had been looking into a cruising trip. Anne & Barry shared with us several of their itineraries. Because we were short on time, we chose to take their 3-day California trip. It’s wonderful that they have so many options… from the number of days to the different locations around the world… to choose from. We really enjoyed our time with them, and the floating party pad was a fun way to relax on the water. We went to sleep in Catalina and woke up in Redondo! It was an incredible feeling to wake up to a different city, having been chauffeured at night. They were amazing hosts and so much fun to do activities with. Captain Barry was so professional and knowledgeable. He is also an excellent photographer. We have so many great photos! We can’t wait to go on our next adventure!

Sonia Nolte & David Santos – Scottsdale, Arizona


Anne & Barry were gracious enough to take me in on a last-minute opening on a 3-day cruise to Catalina and Redondo Beach. Walking into this 56’ beautiful yacht, I was in awe of its spaciousness, deck height and cleanliness. Even though I was in the smallest cabin, the headroom was very comfortable. Captain Barry craftily navigated the ocean swells and First Mate Anne was a wonderful host.

Laura Crews Salywon - Tempe, Arizona


Atlantic Spain

We had two days of bliss on a 56’ beauty out of the Sanxenxo Marina on the Atlantic coast of Spain! This was the 1st time Anthony and I spent the night on a yacht! What an amazing experience with amazing friends! Visited one of the world’s most beautiful beaches according to the Telegraph in 2014, Rodas Beach in the Cies Islands. This beach, this boat, my husband, these friends & views…. Unbelievable…Thanks, Anne & Barry for setting us up! this again!

Susan & Anthony Del Pozzo - Cave Creek, Arizona


Anne & Barry are great hosts, and we did so many fun things! I have been on five cruises and have always wanted to try a smaller boat. It allowed for us to visit places that were not so busy with all the cruisers. We all got to help out too like rolling up the rope and washing the boat if we wanted to.
I loved the quaint little towns where we were exploring, shopping, and eating dinner outside on the cobblestone streets. I enjoyed going to the island beaches where there were few people, and we could walk the beach and have picnic lunches. It was fun to try new foods like the appetizer of little green peppers where there is one spicy pepper mixed in and you don't know who might get it, kinda like edamame with a kick! I loved the paella; it was absolutely amazing eating it right next to the ocean! I had never tried mussels before, so it was great to have the opportunity to try them fresh.
The boat was awesome, very spacious…all of us could be in each of the different areas at the same time, like the dining area, the bow, stern, upstairs on the flybridge…there was enough room for the whole group to be together, but you could go to a separate area if you wanted to be more private.
Lots of great memories, so glad I took the trip.

Julie Kamrowski - Brooklyn Park, MN


Our hosts and Captains, Barry & Anne left no stone unturned. They made sure we were ready for our trip including planning out a great itinerary with us. They had all the answers to our questions, down to packing tips and how much money to bring. We had 5 days/nights on the yacht. Wonderful and spacious. With our own yacht we were able to enjoy the private islands and small quaint ports of the Galicia area of Spain. I enjoyed every moment! I created so many memories and can’t wait to go back!

Karen Kamrowski - Las Vegas, Nevada